Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nevermind. I am crazy.

How embarrassing. Not even two months after defiantly declaring my sanity, it turns out that I am crazy after all. Dang! Really, though, it is all Mr. Geek's fault. Again.

Meet P. I think he looks like a little piglet, but that's not what the P stands for (although I will admit to seriously considering naming him Piglet.) He's kind of a funny looking little fellow, but I'm a sucker for big huge pointy ears. (Which I think might be how Mr. Geek tricked me.)

He is a little rescue pup, about 11 or 12 weeks old. He was listed as a cattle dog/border collie mix, which may be right - who knows? I definitely see some cattle dog in him, and we were told that he was relinquished to the shelter with a littermate sister who looked like a purebred blue heeler.

My first thought when I saw that big white head was that he was sure to be deaf. I told Mr. Geek that there was just absolutely no way I could take on a deaf dog right now. I guess that he took that to mean that if the puppy could hear normally (which he can) that he could get him.

B has been amazing with him so far. She plays so nicely and handicaps herself - sometimes I wonder if she is being a little too nice. He's a pretty confident little guy. B will correct him if he gets too far out of line, but she's been extremely tolerant so far.

Sometimes I feel a little sad for B that she is not the baby any more. But I'm also happy for her that she has someone to play with again. Since L died, hiking with B changed dramatically. The dogs used to race around non-stop, but when it is just B and I on the trail, she practically does the entire hike in heel position. So when we get back from our hike, I'm just as tired as ever, but she's barely warmed up! Perhaps this new addition will add some of that unbridled joy back into our hikes.

My little girl has grown up so much this summer. She has matured into a gorgeous, happy dog with some pretty good dog skills. (I hope that P will learn some good play skills from her!) Last weekend B and I went to another agility trial. Believe it or not, we had a perfect weekend and qualified in all 12 classes! The trial site was in a rural area, and on Sunday there were shotgun blasts sounding not too far away. Several dogs at the trial were scared or distracted by the noise, but I was happy to see that B didn't care at all - we worked so hard on her noise sensitivities, and it has paid off in spades.

Z is a trooper, even though I'm pretty sure he didn't see the need to get a puppy. He seemed to say, "really? Not another one!" But even Z gets in on the action sometimes, when everyone gets to running.

So, it looks like my course has changed again as P and I get acquainted, and a new chapter has begun. Maybe even a whole new book. It is a little exciting, and a little scary, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Rarely does Life wait for us to be ready, though, so here we go!


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Hiya P! We're looking forward to hearing more about you! You're definitely a keeper and we're loving Mr. Dog Geeek for seeing that!

B is looking so grown up and has come sooooooo far!

Great to have an update and congratulations to you and B on your fabulous trial results!

Z is such a trooper, and what a great dog to allow yet another puppy into his kingdom!

Maery Rose said...

Well, who could resist that face? I've been tempted lately to add another dog to my life but am thinking I need to do some more settling into my new house before I do that. But if someone tempted me with such a cute face, I'd be a gonner too.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Love it. I needed a giggle. You are not crazy. This is such HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEWS.

He'll forever be ... Piglet in my mind.

What a cutie, and I'm so pleased to hear how B is doing.

I cannot wait to hear what comes next in your adventures.

I cannot tell you how many friends have gotten new pups in the last month or so. I am SO jealous!

Not so much because I want another dog, but because I crave the sense of possibility that comes with a new pup.


Amy said...

He really does look like a little piglet! Congratulations, he's just adorable. Good luck with him.

KB said...

You had me laughing out loud from the very first line! And, it's not nice to blame Mr. Geek!

Welcome to P! What a lucky dog to join your family. He's very cute, pointy ears and all - but now he'll permanently be "Piglet" in my mind! I'm glad that B is enjoying him and Z even seems happy about it. That's great!

You're right. It is rare that life waits for us to be ready for something... sometimes you just gotta take the plunge. Maybe I should take that advice... It'll be Mr. KB's fault if I do, I'm sure!

BTW, thanks for your comment about cortisol etc staying elevated for a while after a stressful event. After Friday night's stress, R's OCD behavior was really bad all the way until Tuesday afternoon. I'm going to keep a journal to try to see the patterns and avoid the triggers.

KGMom said...

Oh, as soon as I read the title of your post I just knew it meant NEW PUPPY. And I am thrilled.
Yes, it's crazy--but, hey, if you can't be crazy in life, what's the point?

So, I look forward to P updates from time to time.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so happy for all of you. And you're not crazy at all. Thank goodness Life doesn't often wait until we are ready. Congratulations on having little Piglet (yeah, that's what I'll always think of).

So good to see Z doing as well as he is.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I came by after seeing you on Fridays are Golden and I'm glad I did. I love your heart for dogs-this guy looks so cute but after reading several past posts I'm really surprised but love does that to us. If my man loved dogs like I do, we'd have three for sure. We lost our female, our beloved Sadie, on Christmas night and I still cry off and on and say how much I miss her. I'm going to follow you and enjoy reading on your life with multiple dogs. I've also always wanted to do agility.
Have a great weekend.
Noreen & Reggie-dog

Donna Henderson said...

Hello from one dog geek to another. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

T said...

Aw DG, isn't he just the cutest! Love his all white head.
I am so happy for you. Congrats!

troutbirder said...

How sweet. And happy puppies are the best their is. Glad to read Z is romping with the younger crowd. :)

JeanMac said...

A new book, indeed! What a sweetie.

partialview said...

P is an absolute darling! Wishing him all the very best! He's sure to get it, by the looks of it. :O)

Enjoy, Ms. Geek.

foreverandaday said...

What a lovely new puppy :0)