Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grow, Dog, Grow

This month has been crazy busy, but I thought it was high time for some updates. First, about my special girl dog, B. We entered several trials this past month, and across all the trials this fall, B qualified in 32 out of 34 total runs, including a stretch of 30 straight Q's! I'm still keeping her at the Novice level for a while even though she has now finished all her novice titles, but will probably move her up to Open in a few months.

She has also been enjoying having a little brother to play with. She's been a remarkably good teacher, and it has been interesting to see her in this role so soon after she was the pupil. She is now teaching P all the things that L taught her not so long ago, and it makes me feel a little bit like his legacy is living on.

Which brings me to little P. By the way, for those who said that they will always think of him as "Piglet" - that's fine. We refer to him as The Piglet all the time.
P and B play very well together. They have plenty of wrestling matches which P only wins when B lets him.

But their favorite is to play chase. Some dogs like to be chased, and some dogs prefer to be the chaser, and then some, like B, are happy either way. So far in their relationship, it has mostly been P chasing B. Especially since whenever P tries to take off running, he only makes it a few steps before B catches him. I expect as he gets older and quicker, he may take some turns at being the chasee.

Z is mostly content to watch the youngsters run and play...

But sometimes he will still join in the fun. His gait may be a bit awkward, but he can still run! I think I caught him in mid-bark in this shot.

P has also been reaping the benefit of B having so many nice playmates - he has gotten to socialize with lots of other dogs. So far, he seems remarkably even tempered and confident with other dogs. Nothing much really phases him. He doesn't get overly excited and rude, and he doesn't get upset when he meets other dogs who are overly excited and rude, even if they are much bigger than him.

I took a few pictures the other day of a play date with one of B's friends, the pit mix, who is still just a big puppy himself. It was a smashing success.

P has been great in his puppy kindergarten class, too. He is calm enough that the shy/scared puppies in the class can deal with him, and he doesn't get rattled when the big rambunctious puppies tackle him

We actually have to watch B a little more carefully when her friends come over now - my former shrinking violet now sometimes has to be reminded to not get too rough. She seems to have some proprietary feelings about her little brother sometimes.

Having a puppy has been exhausting, especially with so much other stuff going on right now, but it has been fun, too!
Happy Halloween, everyone!


NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I'm so glad to have an update. Wonderful post! I love seeing the dogs together. Seeing Z run, even a little bit just warms my heart and soul. I'm so happy for you that he is still doing so well after all he's been through.

KGMom said...

Oh, it is so fun to read this update.
Almost makes me wonder if I shouldn't go find another dog to go along with new dog Ziva.
I take her to the dog park, which she loves, although she does stop playing at times--can't tell if it's because the other dogs are too rough for her, or if she is just unsure.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Nice to know all is well in dog geek land! Congrats on B's amazing run of Q's!

KB said...

Wonderful! What great photos that tell the story. The legacy of L - I always feel that in my string of dogs. Somehow, my very first dogs are still influencing my current dogs. It's sad that they're gone but wonderful that they're still a presence in the family.

I love seeing Z run and bark with the youngsters. I have a soft spot for Z - the elder of the pack.

Congrats on B's incredibly success in agility. I'm not surprised but it must be fun!

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Man! I'm so behind on my blog reading. We've had 2 more deaths in the family since Nov 1, so things continue to be nutso here.

I love, love, love hearing about our girl B and Mr. Piglet.

Cute, cute, cute.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving.

JeanMac said...

Glad to read that all is well. Love your pictures.

Maery Rose said...

You must be busy again. Me too, which is why I'm just catching up on blogland now. I suppose I'll get all behind again.

I've been tempted to get a second dog -- so many dogs needing homes and Java would so love a playmate. But winter is a bad time to take in a new dog and I'm still working on settling into my new home and getting some kind of routine going. If you are barely keeping up, is it fair to take in another dog no matter how much better it would be than being homeless?

KGMom said...

Any update photos???
We are all waiting out here--well, make that me, I'm waiting.